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4000 subscribers

I have reached the 4000 subscribers on YouTube!
For many of you that isn’t much, but for a gameplay only channel that got a partnership with RPM Network in 2012 that’s a pretty big achievement.

What now?
Now that I have achieved this number of subscribers I think my “best” time on youtube is over. I will continue uploading videos to YouTube, but those will only be videos for next to my game reviews. I will be no longer do walkthroughs of games.

My future plans
I will still be active on GameResourceHD, but don’t expect much videos on JosPlays anymore. I will no focus on completing the game Blob From Space. Also I will be doing more reviews of indie games and movies and maybe AAA games in the future.

My top viewed videos
Here are my top 3 videos with most views:
GTA IV : Niko stole a Formula 1 car

Heavy Rain Official Trailer

Skylanders Imaginators Walkthrough part 1

Almost 2017…

It’s almost 2017 and that means a new year!
This year I have some new goals. I will continue with the reviews for games and movies, but I will cut back on the YouTube stuff.

I will keep making videos for GameResource, but will upload less videos on my own channel. The only series starting on my channel is “JosPlays his library” in which I try to play some games of my library. These could be full walkthroughs or just seperate videos untill I get bored or stuck in the game.

On the GameResource channel on the other hand I will do walkthroughs of new games in cooperation with the online webshop GameResource. This will also be limited to 4 uploads per weeks, so that means only 6 videos made by me in the week. This is because I don’t have that much spare time anymore, because I now have a full-time job and hopefully will have throughout this year.

So thank you for reading and if you want to see a game that I have in my library (PS4, PS2, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC or 3DS) let me know and I will try to make some time for the game.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is a 2d platformer created and developed by Outerminds Inc.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is a game based on the YouTube persona PewDiePie. PewDiePie found out that the evil barrels captured his fanbase in order to get the Legendary Brofist.

YouTubers Unite!
I honestly have to say I never watched PewDiePie so I don’t know if the game is filled with actually PewDiePie stuff, but the game is pretty hilarious. The characters can be random at time and the option to play as different YouTubers or the girlfriend of PewDiePie is a nice addition.


The story/dialogue can be hilarious at times. The Bromance between PewDiePie and Cryaotic is one of my favorites.

A man’s best friend
The game has alot of stages which are only 3 minutes long on easy. These stages can be played on easy, normal, hard or pug mode. Pug mode is unlockable after completing the game and is a reference to PewDiePie’s 2 dogs which are also in the game. These dogs run after you the entire time (when playing as PewDiePie) and are your “continues”. Everytime you lose all of your lives one dog will sacrifice himself to save you from a horrible death. This does not mean you get all your lives back, but atleast you’re still alive. Talking about a man’s best friend, right?


The stages aren’t always the same thing. Sometimes you’re on top of a car, trying to make your way to the front car, other times you’re just jumping on platforms and trying to take down barrels. These different stages do add some cool diversion to the game and doesn’t make the game boring.

During these stages you collect money. With this money you can upgrade your character (like health) or purchase attacks, which can be used by pressing “1” or “2”. Also when you unlocked a character you can use the money to buy the character so you can play with them.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I had a very fun time playing the game. The dialogues are funny, some of the moments and characters are completely random and that makes this an awesome game. Even if you don’t like PewDiePie this game is still a very fun and challenging game.

The option to play with other YouTubers or even a duck makes the game fun for people that don’t want to see PewDiePie running in pixel art.


The game has alot of replay value, because all the levels can be completed on 3 different modes and even an harder mode after completing the game.

For €7,99 I would recommend this game and would it recommend it even more when it’s on sale. This game is a YouTube inspired game done right.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist on Steam
Outerminds Inc.
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PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist now on Steam

Here is a surprisingly fun game that just entered the Steam store. PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is a 2D platformer based on the character PewDiePie from YouTube. A review of this game is coming soon, at this moment i’m playing through the game myself.

The first video is online:

There will be a new level online every day at 8 PM (The Netherlands time) till we have finished the game.

Broke my daily Youtube views record

On October 16th I broke my daily YouTube views record. The old record was on March 6th 2011 when I uploaded “Niko stole a formula 1 car“. I didn’t expect to ever break that record, but thanks to the Emergency 2016 video I have done it.

I’m glad my videos are picked up by the viewers and hopefully you all think my videos are helpful in your decision to buy or not buy the game.

For future updates you can susbscribe to my YouTube channel.

YouTube Schedule Batch 1

I do have a big library of games which I really want to play and review, sadly because of my limited time I always try to play multiple games at the same time. Now I will be using a schedule of 2 games per time that I will be recording and reviewing. The reviewing part depends on the contact I have had with the publisher/developer. The first 2 games will be:

  • Star Wars Empire At War
  • Shiftlings (Review)

I will post a new game when one of the games above have been reviewed or finished recording.