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The Shallows

This is my first movie review, so I can maybe a little bit rusty about not knowing if it’s ok to spoil some things or not, but let give The Shallows a go.

The kid
The movies starts with a shot of a helmet with a Go Pro camera attached to it wash ashore and a kid finding the helmet. You would think that this is a very important part of the movie, or atleast it has something to do with the story. Sadly this wasn’t the case. More on that later.

Slow start
The movie starts of slow. Well atleast it does for people who are expectation a thriller. In the first part of the movie we learn a little bit about Nancy (played by Blake Lively, known from movies like The Town). She has lost her mom to cancer. Leaving her, with her father and sister. She dropped out of medical school, because she lost faith in it after losing her mother. She clearly states that not everyone can be saved.

Beach we still don’t have a name…
She decides to find the beach her mother came when she was pregnant to surf. Her little sister is also a surfer, but she decided to go with a friend instead. The friend sadly didn’t make it, so she went to surf all by herself. This is where she met 2 other surfers and after a day of surfing this kind of goes wrong.

After finding a dead whale she encounters a shark. The shark bites her leaving a big wound in the girls left leg. She luckily has a medical background so she can go full MacGyver and stitch herself with only using her jewelry. The didn’t back out on showing this stuff on the big screen and the only thing that was more terrifying than the image of blood and a girl screaming of pain on the big screen was the face of the person sitting next to me when the movies showed this scene.


After regaining some strength on a little rock in the middle of the ocean she sees a man lying face down on the beach. She tries to get his attention which she eventually gets. Sadly for the man he tries to steal her stuff and gets killed by the shark when he tried to steal her surfboard.

The next day the two other surfers went back to the beach and find the girl on the rock. Sadly before getting there they both get killed by the shark. Nancy uses the Go Pro camera of the just killed surfer to ask for help, or alteast make a good bye video for her family.

The end
After making the video Nancy tries to make it to the water buoy after figuring out the sharks routine. There she has a big battle against the shark which gave the shark a very weird death.

She tries to make it back to the beach, but sadly doesn’t have the energy anymore. The little boy who found the camera (see begin of the review) got some help who only takes her from the ocean back on the beach where Nancy herself wakes up.

The movie had a very interesting idea, but sadly didn’t deliver. The movie was long with some unneeded moments. Don’t get me started of her relationship with a seagull.


The acting was very good. I would love to see Blake Lively in future movies. Sadly if the story and the rest of the movie don’t appeal a good actor can’t make the movie awesome.

I give this movie a 2 star out of 5 rating. It was enjoyable, but it didn’t deliver for me. The deaths were not really needed, but I had the feeling that the creators wanted to show that the shark was a killer. The entire Go Pro camera idea could have been better which took like 5-10 minutes of the movie.

2 star