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American Truck Simulator

From the creators of Euro Truck Simulator there is a new trucking simulator games. American Truck Simulator takes the player to California and Nevada.

Free updates
Let’s talk about the most important thing. The game will receive free updates adding new stuff like the Arizona expansion. Keeping this in mind we will discuss all the other stuff American Truck Simulator has to offer.


Welcome to America
Being a big fan of Euro Truck Simulator I kind of was disappointed with American Truck Simulator. It wasn’t the problem of the amazing visuals or the fact that getting a speeding ticket in this game is very easy, but i’m talking about the locations to visit. The game has a very limited (in comparison with Euro Truck Simulator 2) amount of cities to visit. After 3 hours of play time you can visit the entire California state. Also the amount of trucks in the game is very limited. I hope the creators will add more (See free update above) in the future.

Road 66
The visuals of the game are amazing. The game really does a good job on giving an American feel.

Parking assist
A new option in this game is that you can choose where you would like to park the trailer. You always have 3 options. The first option is the most difficult but you will be rewarded with an achievement. The second option is the normal option and the last option is to complete the ride at once (no parking needed). I really like this system and it’s very useful if you just want to truck and don’t spend hours parking the trailer.

There is an unofficial multiplayer for the game that let’s you drive while other players are on the world as well. Sadly the multiplayer doesn’t have any AI cars driving around (like the Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer).

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I enjoy playing drive simulator games (like Euro Truck Simulator 2), but sadly the game doesn’t offer that much content yet (trucks and cities). It does offer enough to get a few hours of fun with the game.

It’s a shame that getting speeding tickets is so easy in this game, but that doesn’t spoil the fun.

American Truck Simulator on Steam
American Truck Simulator official website
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Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines is a city simulation game in which you take control over the city of your dreams. The game is developed by Colossal Order Ltd. and published by Paradox Interactive. You may know the developers from Cities in Motion 2.

The city of your dreams
The game starts simple with just a few options (like build a road, use the right zoning) and let people become members of your city. When you level up, you will also be able to place rescue services like police and other services like garbage collectors. These are all needed to keep the city attractive for new people.


The “SimCity” we all deserve
Earlier this year EA published a new SimCity game. Sadly this game did not meet the requirements of an old school SimCity game we all were hoping for. Luckily Cities: Skylines does fulfill these wishes.

What Cities: Skylines does right
Eventhough the game is challenging, the game isn’t hard to learn. You need to practise a few times, before you know what to do in certain situations. It’s very easy to make money when you start small and keep expanding bit by bit. Don’t go big right away.


When you don’t have any space anymore, you can expand your city very easily by buying a piece of land next to you.

Traffic jam
The only thing that could be done better in Cities: Skylines is the traffic. Firetrucks will block the roads when they are trying to extinguish a fire, resulting in a big traffic jam. Cars that can go nowhere. You can upgrade roads, but that requires some buildings to be rebuild and it can’t be done when there is a service building like a police station next to it. So plan ahead!

Cities: Skylines also make use of the Steam workshop. People can make their own buildings that actually can be used as a hospital (see Pok√©mon center below). These building give something unique to the game and it’s nice of the developer to include a easy way to make these buildings and share them with people all over the world.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
After the disaster of SimCity earlier this year I gave up the hope to see a city builder simulation. Out of nowhere there was Cities: Skylines which fulfilled the need of a good city simulator. With workshop and because it’s easy to learn this game offers hours of gameplay. It would be better if the traffic system would be fixed, but maybe that was just my fault by making the city the way I made it. Cities: Skylines is a recommendation to everyone that is looking for a city building game or people that want a casual game with hours of gameplay. The game also does offer different difficulties and different maps to start on.

The only thing I can say about this game is the developers did a wonderfull job and let’s hope they keep supporting this game with new updates in the future.

Cities: Skylines on Steam
Cities: Skylines official website
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