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Tennis In The Face & Baseball Riot

This is a review for both Tennis in the face and Baseball Riot. Both games are developed and published by 10tons Ltd.

The game is a puzzle game in which you throw a ball and need to knock down all the people. There a several objects that make the game hard, like glass that stops the ball and enemies that are harder to beat than the standard enemies.


Enough levels
The game is divided in 9 areas. Every area has a different enemies introduced and every area has an avarage of 14 levels. This is quite alot, if you remember that the price is only 5€.

Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot have been released on almost all platforms. I played the games on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) and enjoyed the game alot. The controls are simple to use and puzzles can be challenging.


Clowns in the Browser
There is a free beta build of Clowns in the Browser at this moment on Tennisintheface.com. You can try out the game there and if you like it I recommend you to buy it.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I enjoy small puzzle games like Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot alot. I was really happy to also see them on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One and hopefully more games like these will follow in the future.

Is it worth the 5€? I don’t really know. There are alot of levels and puzzles can get hard sometimes, but if you want them all (Tennis In The Face and Baseball Riot), it can get a little pricy.

I do recommend checking them out and to buy them when it’s a sale (if you like puzzle games ofcourse).

Tennis in the Face on Steam
10tons official website
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Trine 3

Trine 3 is the third Trine game developed and published by Frozenbyte.

In Trine our heroes will be able to move in all directions possible. In the older Trine installments they could only move from left to right and back. This is a great improvement, but sadly because the camera can’t be moved that well it sometimes leads to deaths that weren’t my fault if I could move the camera. It could be very frustrating to find all trineangles.


The game has a new level select screen. I like the way they redid the menu, but do hate the fact that trineangles are needed to unlock levels. There are 2 sort of levels. The main story levels which will have 150 trineangles and a 1 heroe only level which will have only 25 trineangles. These heroe levels can be completed very easily with all trineangles. The main story does require some search work.


Hand in hand
Like the previous installment, this game is funnier when played with friends. Eventhough I did the entire game within 4 hours alone, it’s still to have a friend to complete all the puzzles.

Maybe i’m just getting very smart, but the puzzles in Trine 3 weren’t as challenging as Trine 2. Almost everything could also be solved with Amadeus. When you don’t know how to get up there, just spawn a box. Jump on the box and jump. While in the air grab the box and move it up. Amadeus will now be launched miles into the air. If this methode wouldn’t work the puzzles would be way harder to solve.


I have the feeling that Trine 3 was rushed, after the developers got the 3D working. Trine 3 doesn’t contain an upgrade system like Trine 2 did, doesn’t have many levels (only 7/8 in the main story which can be completed in 15-20 minutes each.) and the story didn’t appeal to me like it did in the previous versions. It’s a shame, because I do like the gameplay.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
I like the Trine franchise and love the gameplay. I like the character to choose from and their skills, but there is something about this game that just doesn’t feel right. Maybe it’s the story that didn’t appeal to me or maybe it’s the collect trineangles to access a new level.

The game can be completed within 4 hours. It’s less than Trine 2, while Trine 3 offers 3D instead of the sidescroller formula. The puzzles in Trine 3 were pretty simple and didn’t had a moment in which I thought I was stuck.

The game is fun, but if you’re looking for a Trine game I would recommend playing 1 and 2 first.

Trine 3 on Steam
Trine 3 on GOG
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Trine 2

Trine 2 is a sidescrolling game developed and published by Frozenbyte.

The three heroes
The game let you control 3 heroes. A wizard named Amadeus, a thief named Zoya and Pontius the knight.

The wizard has the ability to create objects like crates or planks and can lift sudden objects throughout the game. Eventhough the wizard was my favorite in this game, he’s not really usefull against enemies.

I played this game with a friend who (I think) loved the Zoya character. Using her rope to swing to high platforms and shooting ice or fire arrows, I can see why she played alot with this character. Zoya is very usefull to collect stuff on higher platforms and can be very effective against enemies and for finding secrets.

The character we played less was the knight. Eventhough he’s very usefull when using his shield, he just didn’t have a very special thing that made us wanna play the character when exploring the 2D world.


Complete Story
After emailing with the developer about the “Complete Story”, they told me that people who bought Trine 2 before this change do not have the DLC included. You can buy the DLC story upgrade for 4,49€ in the Steam store. If you haven’t bought Trine 2 yet, you will get the DLC included when you buy the game.

The story is fun (I won’t spoil anything). The game can be completed in 11 hours though. This is with searching for hidden rooms and solving puzzles. 11 hours is alot for a sidescroller game including a very fun DLC story.

The graphics of Trine 2 are amazing. Trine 2 does a very good job with taking you to their fantasy world. Some places can be truly breathtaking when you’re not focussing too hard on solving puzzles.


The goal of this game is to solve puzzles. This can be just a “how do I get to the otherside” puzzle or maybe a boss fight. Several puzzles can be solved on more than 1 way (by using the wizard), but sometimes you need to find that 1 thing to make your path clear. The boss fights can be very fun if you know what to do.


The puzzles aren’t that hard, but it requires some thinking. There weren’t any puzzles that got us stuck or made us want to quit the game to think everything through.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
Sometime it’s just fun to have a beautiful game, having some challenging puzzles and a friend to play with. These 3 things made Trine 2 are very special game for me. The puzzles aren’t impossible, but are challenging at times, so you have to use your brains a little bit. The game is one of the most beautiful sidescroller games I have ever seen. The game also does a very good job on making multiplayer possible. The only critic I have with the multiplayer is that when I make a friends only lobby, people still can enter somehow. We solved this by using a password, but it would be better to have a friends only lobby for friends only.

I would recommend this game to everyone that’s just looking for a stunning looking game with challenging puzzles. Even when playing alone, you can have some great fun with this game.

Trine 2 on Steam
Trine 2 DRM free
Trine 2 official website
More games from Frozenbyte
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Element4l is a puzzle platform game. In this game you can switch into 4 forms. With these 4 forms you have to reach the end of the levels.

Air and Ice
The 2 forms you will be using the most are air and ice. When in air form you will be a bubble that can fly up when pressing the up button.

When pressing the left button you will change into ice and you will be able to slide over the ground. When touching lava in this form you will become a liquid and you will be able to pass though small holes.

element4l 13-7-2015 10-39-14-308

Fire and Stone
You will change into stone when pressing the down button. This is usefull to gain speed (when falling down) or to make a way through breakable stone.

With the right button you will change into fire. This will give you a boost to the right and when touching lava you will bounce the other way.

By using these 4 forms you have a make a way through all the levels this game has to offer. It can be a bit challenging at time, but with help from the internet I was able to solve the last two levels of this game.

element4l 13-7-2015 10-40-22-554

Time challenge
The game also has a race mode. In this race mode you can challenge the ghosts of friends or yourself. All levels from the story mode can be played in this race mode and some other non-story mode levels.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
This game is alot of fun, but can be frustrating sometimes, because you aren’t able to move to the left. Sometimes I just needed a little dash to the left to solve a very hard puzzle.

The idea of the game is very good and the sliding when in ice form is done very well. The atmosphere of this game including the music is stunning. The graphics are well done and the music fits with the game completely.

I would recommend this game to everyone who is looking for a fun puzzle game and definitely when the game is on sale.

Element4l on Steam