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Wish Upon

Wish Upon is a teen drama, horror movie. That being said I think alot of people already are turned off by this one sentence. Eventhough the acting and the movie itself weren’t that bad, it was not my piece of pie.

Typical drama
The movie starts off strong with the suicide of Clare Shannon’s (played by Joey King) mother. The atmosphere and setting of that very first scene was very well done. It set the bar of expectation of this movie high, sadly the bar was so high that the rest of the movie couldn’t reach it anymore.

After this scene, we learn that Clare Shannon’s father, Jonahtan Shannon (played by Ryan Phillippe) is a garbage diver and lives alone with Clare in the original house.

Clare isn’t that populair at school and gets bullied by the populair kids (here is where the typical teenage drama movie begins). She gets in a fight, and goes home. Once home her father has found her a special box with chinese signs that no-one understands. The box makes her wishes comes true, but at a blood price. The last wish will take her own life.

Waste of wishes
If you could make any wish, what would you wish for? World peace, becoming the greatest artist in the world or being loved by some dude that you once said “hey” to? The last one is ofcourse the wish that Clare makes. Wasting ofcourse someone’s life (because of the blood price).

Clare keeps making these wishes during the entire movie. From the 7 wishes she spends 2 like everyone else should do too.

Joey King stars as Claire, Alice Lee as Gina and Ki Hong Lee as Ryan in WISH UPON, a Broad Green Pictures release. Credit: Steve Wilkie / Broad Green Pictures

This movies was a meh. The acting wasn’t bad, but it’s not my kind of movie. This is a teenage horror movie. There weren’t any jump scares, there wasn’t anything scare of creepy. The deaths were almost hilarious and the ending was predictable.

Overall I give this movie 2 stars. It’s not a horror for most people.

Among The Sleep

This review can contain spoilers.

Among The Sleep is a first person horror adventure game made and published by Krillbite Studio. The game was funded on Kickstarter and won the Norwegian game of the year 2014 award by Gamereactor.

Among The Sleep
In this game you play as a two year old toddler. One night the strangest thing happens when some force put the teddy bear in the washer and knocks over the bed of the baby. That’s when the adventure starts. Together with Teddy the search for the mother begins.

The main game has been devided in 4 levels. In these 4 levels you have to collect a memory that will take you to your mother. To collect the memory you have to solve a few puzzles, this can be collecting pieces of a puzzle, find a way to cross the bridge etc. Every memory will unlock a new level.

Mrs. Slenderman
In every level these is a Mrs. Slenderman. A womanlike monster that shows up out of nowhere and captures you when she gets too close. I will call her Mrs. Slenderman based on the Slender game so I can’t spoil anything to the people that don’t want to know about the story yet.

Sometimes I was solving the puzzle and she suddenly showed up behind me and there was no way to escape the Mrs. Slenderman and it result in being captured. This was kind of a pain in the ass, because I had to start all the way from a checkpoint. A few good examples of what I mean are in the second video underneath the subject “Videos”.

The puzzles in all the levels are almost the same. You need to collect stuff in order to unlock a way to the memory. Because the 4 levels are really different this wasn’t really something that bothered me. The only thing that bothered me was that you can get lost very easily. After Mrs. Slenderman captured me a few times I lost orientation and didn’t know what way I had to go. It kinda frustrated me when I found out I was walking back and had to rewalk almost half the level.

If you don’t want to know about the story please stop reading here! Skip to my opinion!
The game has a good story. The story is about a 2 year old toddler that’s in a houshold of an alcoholic mother. The Mrs. Slenderman is when the alcoholic mother is drunk. At the end of the game the toddler opens the door and a man is asking what happend with Teddy (He lost it’s arm). I have no idea if the man is the father or child protection. Meanwhile the mother is crying in the kitchen with bottles of wine next to her saying she doesn’t her child to taken away. So either way the child is going to get taken away from the alcoholic mother.

The game has a very good story. The sad thing is that the game only has 1~2 hours of gameplay. Besides the good story the current price of the game is 20€ and it’s not equal to the hours of gameplay the game has to offer. If you like a horror game with a story I would really recommend buying this game when the game is on sale. For a few bucks this game is really a good recommendation.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
63 out of 100
This game has a very good story, but the repeating puzzles (Collecting stuff to open a door etc.), the levels in which you can easily get lost, and the only 1~2 hours of gameplay make me rate the game pretty low. I still would recommend the game when it’s on sale, but definitely not for the 20€ they’re asking at this moment.

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