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JosPlays Game Challenge

As some of you know, I have a very big backlog of games and it only keeps getting bigger, bigger and bigger.
To actually play the games, I start the JosPlays challenge! In this challenge I will pick a few games per month (depending on the month) and try to finish them before the month end. With finish I mean the story mode.

You can keep track of the challenge here: Google Docs.

If you want me to play some game, let me know, also maybe I will create videos of these game while i’m playing them.

Mad Games Tycoon

Early Access Review

This review was written during the Early Access stage of the game. More functions can be added in the future that won’t be reviewed in this review.

Mad Games Tycoon
Mad Games Tycoon is a game development company simulator. In this game you will start making games in a basement. Here you can make simple games and when you earn enough money making games or doing other task jobs you can move to a bigger office.

The goal of this game is to make a big game development company. You can hire people, develop engines, develop games, publish the games yourself (printing covers and shipping them) and many more stuff. In comparison to other with other game development games this game really is the best one, because of the many options the game has to offer.

My story
I started with making some simple games in the beginning (text based) and did some contract work. Contract work is a way to make some money if making a game is too expensive. Keep in mind you have enough people so the contact work will be done in time. If not you have to pay a fine.

Instead of researching and developing a new engine I thought it was easier to just buy an engine. Each engine has features and the rating you give a game (AAA games as examples) decide how many features you can have in a game. Features can be multiplayer option, split-screen etc. Having a research team is really important even if you don’t want to research an own engine.

After making the first 5 million dollars I moved on to a bigger building. When upgrading make sure all jobs are finished else these will be canceled. This would suck if you spend 4 ingame months working on a game and then it’s back to 0%.

Because it costs to much to publish games myself I always looked for a publisher. When I got enough money I decided to take the risk and ship the games myself.

Weak point of the game
When you finally understand the game it’s really simple. At some moment I kept making games that got a score of 90+. That also means the game will make alot of money. If you keep doing this you will have enough money to do other stuff, like publishing games yourself.

Some awesome features
In this game you can (after buying the licenses) develop a game for several consoles at once. This saves alot of time. Also when a good movie or book has been released you can buy the rights to make a game. This will also give a little boost when selling the game.

My opinion
With keeping the weak point of the game in mind this is a really good game. My new favorite game development tycoon game. The game would be better with Steam workshop and keeping the game hard by removing the weak point as much as possible.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
Like I said before this game is my new favorite game development tycoon game. The game has alot of features to offer in comparison with other game dev tycoon games and because it’s in Early Access I hope the game only will be better.

Mad Games Tycoon on Steam
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Starting 2015 we will start doing reviews on this website.
We will start doing reviews that were sponsored by developers, publishers and/or third party, because they took the time to reply to us and sponsor us with a copy of the game.

An overview of all our reviews can be found at https://josweb.info/reviews/.

All reviews will have a few YouTube videos and screenshots. This is to let people know what the gameplay and graphics are like.

If you have a game that you would like to have reviewed by game critic Jos, you can sponsor us your game. You can do this by contacting me on YouTube, Steam, Twitter or by Email.