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Almost 2017…

It’s almost 2017 and that means a new year!
This year I have some new goals. I will continue with the reviews for games and movies, but I will cut back on the YouTube stuff.

I will keep making videos for GameResource, but will upload less videos on my own channel. The only series starting on my channel is “JosPlays his library” in which I try to play some games of my library. These could be full walkthroughs or just seperate videos untill I get bored or stuck in the game.

On the GameResource channel on the other hand I will do walkthroughs of new games in cooperation with the online webshop GameResource. This will also be limited to 4 uploads per weeks, so that means only 6 videos made by me in the week. This is because I don’t have that much spare time anymore, because I now have a full-time job and hopefully will have throughout this year.

So thank you for reading and if you want to see a game that I have in my library (PS4, PS2, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC or 3DS) let me know and I will try to make some time for the game.