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Tennis In The Face & Baseball Riot

This is a review for both Tennis in the face and Baseball Riot. Both games are developed and published by 10tons Ltd.

The game is a puzzle game in which you throw a ball and need to knock down all the people. There a several objects that make the game hard, like glass that stops the ball and enemies that are harder to beat than the standard enemies.


Enough levels
The game is divided in 9 areas. Every area has a different enemies introduced and every area has an avarage of 14 levels. This is quite alot, if you remember that the price is only 5€.

Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot have been released on almost all platforms. I played the games on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) and enjoyed the game alot. The controls are simple to use and puzzles can be challenging.


Clowns in the Browser
There is a free beta build of Clowns in the Browser at this moment on Tennisintheface.com. You can try out the game there and if you like it I recommend you to buy it.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I enjoy small puzzle games like Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot alot. I was really happy to also see them on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One and hopefully more games like these will follow in the future.

Is it worth the 5€? I don’t really know. There are alot of levels and puzzles can get hard sometimes, but if you want them all (Tennis In The Face and Baseball Riot), it can get a little pricy.

I do recommend checking them out and to buy them when it’s a sale (if you like puzzle games ofcourse).

Tennis in the Face on Steam
10tons official website
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