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Toy Story Racer

For this review we go all the way back to 2001. The year in which Toy Story racer has been released on the Playstation 1. Developed by Traveller’s Tales and Tiertex Design Studios.

Funniest racing game ever!?
I have been a big fan of Toy Story my entire life. When I first saw Toy Story 1 it got me hooked, and who can deny after seeing this movie they fantasised about their toys coming to life when they are not around?

With all the Toy Story game releases this game stood out the most for me. Not only were there alot of character to pick in this game, but the challenges are fun and pretty challenging as well.

This game has a total of 200 challenges. Every character has a different amount of challenges and some challenges can unlock new characters to play with. These challenges can be normal races, battles games, but even collection challenges. These last can be very frustrating to find all the hidden clowns or dart boards within a certain amount of time.

My favorite challenges are the knockout races. In these challenges you have to race, but also can knockout enemies by hitting them with power-ups. You don’t need to knockout everyone in this challenge, as long as you finish first within a time limit and survive.

Here is a livestream of a few challenges and unlocking a new character

For those who think that the challenges are very easy, they will get harder over time. They start pretty easy, but over time you get less time to do more stuff or even clowns are hidden in places you even didn’t know were accessible.

Like Mario Kart, but for kids
Eventhough Mario Kart already is for kids, this game is a very fun game for kids. Challenges can be hard, but there are alot of different challenges to play. The local multiplayer option is very well done, and can be fun for hours.

I have played this game on the Playstation 1 and still play it on a emulator, but Sony also has released the game as “virtual console” game on the Playstation 3. No memory cards needed, and it’s fun to play this old classic game on the playstation once again.

I’m still hoping that this game will be remastered, or remade for the Playstation 4. Because a game with this many different challenges deserves a shoutout.

Yay or nay?
I would recommend everyone that’s looking for a fun, racing game to check this game out on the PS3, or buy the game on Ebay and play it on a Playstation Emulator if you haven’t played this game yet.