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4000 subscribers

I have reached the 4000 subscribers on YouTube!
For many of you that isn’t much, but for a gameplay only channel that got a partnership with RPM Network in 2012 that’s a pretty big achievement.

What now?
Now that I have achieved this number of subscribers I think my “best” time on youtube is over. I will continue uploading videos to YouTube, but those will only be videos for next to my game reviews. I will be no longer do walkthroughs of games.

My future plans
I will still be active on GameResourceHD, but don’t expect much videos on JosPlays anymore. I will no focus on completing the game Blob From Space. Also I will be doing more reviews of indie games and movies and maybe AAA games in the future.

My top viewed videos
Here are my top 3 videos with most views:
GTA IV : Niko stole a Formula 1 car

Heavy Rain Official Trailer

Skylanders Imaginators Walkthrough part 1

Blob From Space update 728978

A new small update about Blob From Space. All unachievable achievements have been removed. So all achievements are achievable in this latest build. You still need to play the 2014 version if you want to unlock all the achievements.

The new update added a new level with a new mechanic to the game.  This new level also comes with the “Challenge accepted” achievement. The update also added the JosPlays theme to the soundtrack DLC.