Cooking Witch

Cooking Witch is a small game made and published by VaragtP.

The games goal is very straight forward. You are a witch and you have to cook children or “daddies”. Each kind of kid will have their own bonus and gives you meat. With this meat you can buy upgrades.

The game gives you 3 objectives every time which will give you an achievement when completed.

The only con I have with this game is that the description above is the entire game. It’s get repetitive and after 1.5 hours you have 100% completed the game.

The game is 2€ and if you’re looking for a 100% completion I would recommend this game. Otherwise I recommend waiting for a sale. The game itself is cute and fun for the first hour. All objectives result in an achievement which is also nice. But like I said before if you’re looking for a game with depth and much to do, maybe you could skip this game.

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