Batman – A Telltale Series

Batman – A Telltale Series is a game developed and published by Telltale Games.

Like the recent Telltale games you can see this entry as an interactive movie in which you take the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. During the five episodes the game contains you have to make choices and save Gotham from the Children of Arkham.

Typical Telltale, but different
The game starts with a very good first episode. In this episode we learn a little bit about Bruce Wayne and the story will be begin. We learn some shocking facts about the Wayne family and have to make some choices.

Most of the game it’s standard Telltale formula. The only different in this game is the planning/detective features you have as Batman. Fun and a good puzzle element, but way to short to actually be a big game feature.

The story is well written, the characters have a real personality, but we already know that Telltale Games is good with that.

The only real problem I had with this game was the performance issues. On both the PS4 and the PC I had frame drops when using the hologram during the game. Nothing really that bad, but a drop from 60 to 15 during these scenes is really noticable and gives it some bad taste. It’s not something I expect during Telltale games. Also the loading moment can be a few seconds long, not that bad either, but when in an action scenes this will take you out of focus.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I like the story of this game alot. I will not spoil too much, because the less you know the better. I can say that there are some good development moments for the bad guys and the choices will have some consequences.

The technical issues sure are something Telltale need to have a look at, because a frame drop that big on a console can harm the future fan base.