Rogue One – A Star Wars Story

This review will contain spoilers. You have been warned!

Stand alone
Rogue One is a “stand alone” movie that takes place between Star Wars Episode 3 (Revenge of the Sith) and Star Wars Episode 4 (A New Hope). With “stand alone” I mean it’s a movie on itself and not based around the main story line, but the movie has clearly a connection with the other Star Wars movies.

Rogue One
In this episode Jyn Erso and her squadron called Rogue One infiltrates an imperial base to retrieve the only weakness of the Death Star.

The squadron exsist out of 5 people and 1 reprogrammed imperial droid (K-2SO). Jyn Erso the leader of the squadron, Cassian Andor the rebel that never denies an order, Chirrut Imwe the blind spirtual fighter, Baze Malbus the freelance assassin and Bodhi Rook the imperial cargo pilot who turned to the rebels with his information.

The Story
Galen Erso father of Jyn Erso and genius of the construction of the Death Star worked on a plan to make it easy to destroy the Death Star. This because he has no longer faith in the Galactic Empire and their space station.

It’s impossible to get an hold on Galen Erso and the rebellion want to assassinate the man when they have the opportunity. The order has been given to Cassian, and when the times is there he doesn’t kill Galen Erso. This was the first time he denied an order.

We get alot of background story of Jyn Erso, sadly the start of the movie is very “all over the place”. The creators of the movie tried to do alot in the first few minutes of the movie that it felt overwhelming with information.

Besides Jyn Erso we also learn something about Cassian Andor and see his motives change during the movie, but that’s almost all of the real character development we had in this movie. The rest of the cast sadly didn’t leave a big impression during the movie.

I’m one with the force, the force is with me
Can these stormtroopers hit anything. Maybe Chirrut Imwe is a very strong force user, but the thing that really had my mind meddling was that an entire squad of stormtroopers missed all their shots against a slowly walking Chirrut Imwe. Even if he had some kind of mind trick on the stormtroopers, would it still be impossible for an entire squadron of stormtroopers to miss 1 walking person with no cover?

Ofcourse the creators needed some old characters to involve them in this story. Not only by calling their name, Tarkin and Princess Leia appear on screen. Sadly they are completely made from CGI. At first I didn’t mind and thought it was brave to try it, but after seeing the CGI characters for 5 times it started to bother me. You cleary can see it’s CGI and it kind of ruins the magic this movie had to give us.

The End?
The movie doesn’t end that well for our Rogue Squadron. The succeed in there mission but all have to face their end. It’s a shame to see them end without really knowing their background story. Because of this they didn’t added anything awesome to the story.

The Dark Side is strong with this one
My favorite part of the movie was the Darth Vader scene. If you already have seen the movie, you know about what scene I’m talking about.

At the end of the movie Darth Vader goes full rampage on the rebel ship, killing alot of rebels while they are trying to get the plans of the Death Star to Princess Leia. The scenes was really well done and gave me chills to see Darth Vader using the force and lightsaber to kill all the rebels.

Rating (out of 5 stars)

I give the Rogue One – A Star Wars Story 3 stars out of 5. The story was ok, it had some pretty cool scenes, but it didn’t leave a wow impression that I expect from Star Wars movies. I didn’t mind the mass murdering of all the main characters, but more character development would be better and if the movie started slower it would also be better. The scenes with Darth Vader were awesome and set a really dark tone to the movie. I hope they don’t use that much real life characters as CGI in the future.