Starting 2015 we will start doing reviews on this website.
We will start doing reviews that were sponsored by developers, publishers and/or third party, because they took the time to reply to us and sponsor us with a copy of the game.

An overview of all our reviews can be found at

All reviews will have a few YouTube videos and screenshots. This is to let people know what the gameplay and graphics are like.

If you have a game that you would like to have reviewed by game critic Jos, you can sponsor us your game. You can do this by contacting me on YouTube, Steam, Twitter or by Email.

Years ago we started a Frasier fan website called We used this website to host Frasier videos so people could enjoy Frasier all over the world. Sadly because of money issues, we had to sell and it got taken down. From today we own again, but will not host Frasier on it. People can watch the entire Frasier serie on Netflix US.


JosPlays’ YouTube activity in 2015

I’m going to do YouTube a little different in 2015.
Instead of doing walkthroughs of random games I will just limit the walkthroughs to some franchises. The franchises will be listed below.

I still will make videos for youtube but will cut it down alot. I will not have a schedule, like I have at the moment, but just want to upload when I want. Games I will upload for sure are Emergency games and Grand Theft Auto.

The JosPlays livestream serie will continue. Livestream will be atleast once a month.

The walkthroughs that are running at the moment will continue. There will be no canceling a walkthrough!

Franchises of games I will make walkthroughs of:

  • Pokemon
  • The Walking Dead (Telltale)
  • Skylanders
  • Halo
  • Yu-Gi-Oh

Other series that will continue:

  • League of Legends Battlelog
  • Tomodachi life
  • Super Smash Bros.

Other videos:

  • Emergency
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Games that i’m able to review (Sponsored by the publishers or creators)

Blob From Space Christmas update

Today we updated the Blob From Space game with a Christmas challenge. Are you able to complete this challenge and get the Christmas achievement?

We added a Christmas themed level.
Fixed the sound bug in the menu screen.

If you are able to collect all 3 collectables and get a score equal or greater than 500 you will get the Christmas achievement.

Later this month we will update the game with 3 new story levels and the borat hat.

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