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Tennis In The Face & Baseball Riot

This is a review for both Tennis in the face and Baseball Riot. Both games are developed and published by 10tons Ltd.

The game is a puzzle game in which you throw a ball and need to knock down all the people. There a several objects that make the game hard, like glass that stops the ball and enemies that are harder to beat than the standard enemies.


Enough levels
The game is divided in 9 areas. Every area has a different enemies introduced and every area has an avarage of 14 levels. This is quite alot, if you remember that the price is only 5€.

Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot have been released on almost all platforms. I played the games on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) and enjoyed the game alot. The controls are simple to use and puzzles can be challenging.


Clowns in the Browser
There is a free beta build of Clowns in the Browser at this moment on You can try out the game there and if you like it I recommend you to buy it.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I enjoy small puzzle games like Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot alot. I was really happy to also see them on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One and hopefully more games like these will follow in the future.

Is it worth the 5€? I don’t really know. There are alot of levels and puzzles can get hard sometimes, but if you want them all (Tennis In The Face and Baseball Riot), it can get a little pricy.

I do recommend checking them out and to buy them when it’s a sale (if you like puzzle games ofcourse).

Tennis in the Face on Steam
10tons official website
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Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition

Zombie Driver Ulticover_zombieDriverUltimateEditionmate Edition is a game developed and published by Exor Studios. The original Zombie Driver was released five and a half years ago on Steam. After a couple of years Exor Studios released a new version of Zombie Driver called Zombie Driver HD. This version contained visual upgrades with new ingame items like cars, longer story mode and three new types of enemies.

On July 1st of 2014, Exor Studios released Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition thanks to the ID@Xbox program.

The story contains 31 missions. There was a good variety between the missions. As example there is a mission in which you have to save a couple of firefighters and the missions after that one is a missions in which you control a firetruck and have to extinguish fires.


The story also includes a couple of boss fights, which can be difficult, because they deal alot of damage. If you keep upgrading your weapons and cars you will be fine though.

During the game you will be unlocking new cars and new weapons. In story mode you can upgrade your cars and weapons by collecting money. Money can be collected by completing objectives. These objectives can be to kill and insane amount of zombies, or complete a mission in an certain amount of time.

Blood Race
In the game mode “Blood Race” you can buy upgrades with the money you earn when winning an event. You can unlock cars by winning events as well.

Blood Race contains a few different events. There is a normal race event, an event in which you have a bomb and have to reach checkpoints in order to keep the bomb from exploding. There also is an event in which you have to race, but you also need to destroy other drivers.

Slaugther mode
In the “Slaughter” game mode you earn upgrades by surviving. In this mode you drive around on a map and with each wave more zombies will enter the map. During completing these waves the game will drop new car upgrades or weapon upgrades which can be obtained by picking them up.


You will get a rating when your car gets destroyed. If your rating is good enough you will unlock a new level or car.

Slaugther mode is my favorite mode in this game. I have spent alot of times in Slaugther mode in the original game and the HD remake. Even on this Ultimate Edition it doesn’t disappoints me.

The game ALMOST doesn’t contain any bugs. Sadly the only bug I encountered was the bug in which I flew over the road getting stuck in a “grass bank”. This results in a car that can’t be controlled. This is very frustrating when it happens during a Blood Race event or a story mission with a time limit. The bug here was that the car doesn’t reset itself, but you have to wait till the car reaches the other end of the bank.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
The game is alot of fun, it can be played for hours with the Blood Race and Slaughter mode. The story is fun for 2/3 hours if you don’t die during any of the missions. The Boss fights and obtaining every bonus objective can be challenging.

The bug I talked about above isn’t that game breaking to not buy the game, but can be frustrating when it happens. A simple car reset would fix it.

Eventhough I’m a big fan of Zombie Driver and Zombie Driver HD, I kinda hoped that Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition added some new stuff to the game. It’s a fun game, but after playing Zombie Driver and Zombie Driver HD, this wouldn’t be on top of my wishlist, but it still would be on the wishlist though. I really hope Exor Studios will make a Zombie Driver 2 in the future.

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