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Looking for a free and easy way to make screenshots and share them with your friends? I recommend ShareX. I have been using this software for a few weeks now and it helped me out alot of times.

With ShareX you can take normal screenshots, region snapshots and much more. After creating these screenshots you can upload them to image hosting services like Imgur or TinyPic, but also to your own ftp, dropbox or even send them directly with email.

Ofcourse sometimes you will get a long url, well after uploading them you can generate a short url using sites like and Google.

When you think that ShareX only does pictures I have to correct you. You can also use this program to upload/share files and text.

There is alot what this program can do, so I suggest you just check it out. It’s free and open source. Click here to visit ShareX. Coming to Steam soon.


Have you already spent too much money during Steam’s and GOG’s summer sale? Or do you want to save money in case of a sudden event? I would like to recommend YNAB 4.

YNAB is short for “You Need A Budget”. YNAB is a budget program with a very user friendly interface. You start with making a budget account (Like your bank account or cash) and start with adding money to it. When you receive your first paycheck just enter it in YNAB.

Give your money a role
Now that you have money it’s time to give that money a role. Start with making budget categories. A categorie can be something like rent, food or video games.
When you spend money on something you can add it to YNAB.


YNAB will keep track of your expenses and you can have a look at the reports to see which categorie costs the most money.


Personal experience
I’m using YNAB since 21 december 2012 (bought during the Steam winter sale) and I still use it every day. It’s a nice way to keep track of my expenses and it’s a good tool to know where my money is at the moment.

Thanks to YNAB I have saved alot of money for future projects, Blob From Space and stuff I would like to do.

The first year was just keeping track of my expenses and the second year I could already take action to reduce the costs on a certain categorie. In my case this categorie was (no surprise) games.

YNAB vs. Spreadsheet
Ofcourse I have also tried using spreadsheets to maintain my budgets, but thanks to YNAB’s friendy user interface and features like reports (see picture above), sync with dropbox and automatic bank statements import, YNAB wins from the old school spreadsheets. I would really recommend it and it’s worth the 50€. It’s even more worth it when it’s on sale.