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Cooking Witch

Cooking Witch is a small game made and published by VaragtP.

The games goal is very straight forward. You are a witch and you have to cook children or “daddies”. Each kind of kid will have their own bonus and gives you meat. With this meat you can buy upgrades.

The game gives you 3 objectives every time which will give you an achievement when completed.

The only con I have with this game is that the description above is the entire game. It’s get repetitive and after 1.5 hours you have 100% completed the game.

The game is 2€ and if you’re looking for a 100% completion I would recommend this game. Otherwise I recommend waiting for a sale. The game itself is cute and fun for the first hour. All objectives result in an achievement which is also nice. But like I said before if you’re looking for a game with depth and much to do, maybe you could skip this game.

Cooking Witch on Steam
VaragtP studios
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Batman – A Telltale Series

Batman – A Telltale Series is a game developed and published by Telltale Games.

Like the recent Telltale games you can see this entry as an interactive movie in which you take the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. During the five episodes the game contains you have to make choices and save Gotham from the Children of Arkham.

Typical Telltale, but different
The game starts with a very good first episode. In this episode we learn a little bit about Bruce Wayne and the story will be begin. We learn some shocking facts about the Wayne family and have to make some choices.

Most of the game it’s standard Telltale formula. The only different in this game is the planning/detective features you have as Batman. Fun and a good puzzle element, but way to short to actually be a big game feature.

The story is well written, the characters have a real personality, but we already know that Telltale Games is good with that.

The only real problem I had with this game was the performance issues. On both the PS4 and the PC I had frame drops when using the hologram during the game. Nothing really that bad, but a drop from 60 to 15 during these scenes is really noticable and gives it some bad taste. It’s not something I expect during Telltale games. Also the loading moment can be a few seconds long, not that bad either, but when in an action scenes this will take you out of focus.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I like the story of this game alot. I will not spoil too much, because the less you know the better. I can say that there are some good development moments for the bad guys and the choices will have some consequences.

The technical issues sure are something Telltale need to have a look at, because a frame drop that big on a console can harm the future fan base.

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Auralux: Constellations is a game inspired by the populair Planet Wars game. The game is developed and published by War Drum Studios. The player has a planet that generates fleets to conquer or defend other planets.

Controller support
The thing that War Drum Studios has done right is to make use of the Steam SDK and it’s features. Many other planet wars inspired games on Steam don’t have these functions. This way Auralux: Constellations makes a better impression to Steam users than those other games.

The game supports even controller support and ever testing it with a Xbox One controller I have to say that the controls work really good in this game.

To infinity and beyond…
The game has alot of levels to play. The levels go from easy to hard and can be very difficult at some time. I had to redo a couple of levels because I picked the wrong strategy. Sometimes it’s better to conquer a few small planets instead of 1 big one.

The levels really look good and are really fun.

Another Planet Wars game?
Like I already written above, the game does a very good job in integrating all the Steam SDK features, but there is one more other feature in the game that does make this planet wars better in my opinion. I never have seen the option to upgrade the planets during a match in any Planet Wars game. This brings an entire new strategy to the game. So it’s better to take out an upgraded planet and use it to create more fleets for yourself.

The game also features a few new mechanics like worm holes to transfer your fleet to other planets quickly. Also it can be possible that planets move. All these mechanics add another difficulty. But these mechanics make this Planet Wars inspired game so special.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
Auralux: Constellations is another Planet Wars inspired game, but this time the developers really made the best Planet Wars inspired game I have seen in a very long time. Making use of the Steam SDK and it’s features always gets a plus in my book. But the visuals and the strategies needed to complete a level make this game challenging and pretty to look at.

I would recommend buying this game if you like strategy games and want to play a Planet Wars inspired game.

Auralux: Constellations on Steam
Auralux: Constellations official website
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Plantera is a click and relax kind of game. The player plants trees, bushes, garden to grow fruit or vegetables. You can “sell” these fruit and vegatables by clicking on it or wait till a collector picks it up. With that money you can buy more stuff.

The relaxing part
The collectors continue when you close the game if you bought the time upgrade. They will keep collecting till the time is over. The time resets every time you close the game. This feature is the same as the “manager” feature in Adventure Capitalist, but limited.

The game looks ok and the music is quite relaxing as well. The game has very playfull graphics and the animals look adorable.

Plantera 2016-05-22_13-55-58

Loot Hero
Sometimes the Loot Hero appears. The special thing about this hero is that when you click him you make money. The amount of this will increase over time. I have no idea how to make him spawn, but I do know you need to be active. You can’t let the game run on the background.

Worth the money?
There isn’t much more to say about this game. The game is just a clicker game and I don’t know if it’s worth the full recommend price. I had fun playing the game, but for 3€ you can grab some other cool games when on sale and play Adventure Capitalist as a relaxing clicker game.

My thoughts
Plantera is a fun and relaxing game. You can have some fun with this game and it’s not a difficult game to complete 100%. The game is only 3€, but I wouldn’t buy the game myself for this price. The game is worth checking out and when it’s on sale I kinda recommend getting the game if you like clicker and relax kind of games.

Plantera on Steam
Plantera Official Website

There’s Poop In My Soup

A fun little game on Steam called There’s Poop In My Soup is developed and published by Rudder Games.

Throwing poop
The game doesn’t have much to offer in term of gameplay. You’re controlling a person throwing poop. You have to hit people or object in order to get a combo. How bigger the combo how bigger the score.


There are some objectives which you need to achieve in order to unlock new stuff. These unlockables can be more people in the city, new locations of even the bomb attack.

The bomb is a special attack which allows the user to hit multiple targets at once. The special attack is different per location.

My thoughts
I’m not going to score this game, because it’s a game below 1$ and it doesn’t have much features or anything to offer. You just throw poop on people and see people scream and run around about it. If you have 1$ and want to have a laugh you can give the game a try. Is it a must-have? No, I wouldn’t say to people that they have to play “There’s Poop In My Soup”.


Rudder Games on Twitter
There’s Poop In My Soup on Steam

American Truck Simulator

From the creators of Euro Truck Simulator there is a new trucking simulator games. American Truck Simulator takes the player to California and Nevada.

Free updates
Let’s talk about the most important thing. The game will receive free updates adding new stuff like the Arizona expansion. Keeping this in mind we will discuss all the other stuff American Truck Simulator has to offer.


Welcome to America
Being a big fan of Euro Truck Simulator I kind of was disappointed with American Truck Simulator. It wasn’t the problem of the amazing visuals or the fact that getting a speeding ticket in this game is very easy, but i’m talking about the locations to visit. The game has a very limited (in comparison with Euro Truck Simulator 2) amount of cities to visit. After 3 hours of play time you can visit the entire California state. Also the amount of trucks in the game is very limited. I hope the creators will add more (See free update above) in the future.

Road 66
The visuals of the game are amazing. The game really does a good job on giving an American feel.

Parking assist
A new option in this game is that you can choose where you would like to park the trailer. You always have 3 options. The first option is the most difficult but you will be rewarded with an achievement. The second option is the normal option and the last option is to complete the ride at once (no parking needed). I really like this system and it’s very useful if you just want to truck and don’t spend hours parking the trailer.

There is an unofficial multiplayer for the game that let’s you drive while other players are on the world as well. Sadly the multiplayer doesn’t have any AI cars driving around (like the Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer).

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I enjoy playing drive simulator games (like Euro Truck Simulator 2), but sadly the game doesn’t offer that much content yet (trucks and cities). It does offer enough to get a few hours of fun with the game.

It’s a shame that getting speeding tickets is so easy in this game, but that doesn’t spoil the fun.

American Truck Simulator on Steam
American Truck Simulator official website
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Tennis In The Face & Baseball Riot

This is a review for both Tennis in the face and Baseball Riot. Both games are developed and published by 10tons Ltd.

The game is a puzzle game in which you throw a ball and need to knock down all the people. There a several objects that make the game hard, like glass that stops the ball and enemies that are harder to beat than the standard enemies.


Enough levels
The game is divided in 9 areas. Every area has a different enemies introduced and every area has an avarage of 14 levels. This is quite alot, if you remember that the price is only 5€.

Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot have been released on almost all platforms. I played the games on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Steam) and enjoyed the game alot. The controls are simple to use and puzzles can be challenging.


Clowns in the Browser
There is a free beta build of Clowns in the Browser at this moment on You can try out the game there and if you like it I recommend you to buy it.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I enjoy small puzzle games like Tennis In The Face or Baseball Riot alot. I was really happy to also see them on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One and hopefully more games like these will follow in the future.

Is it worth the 5€? I don’t really know. There are alot of levels and puzzles can get hard sometimes, but if you want them all (Tennis In The Face and Baseball Riot), it can get a little pricy.

I do recommend checking them out and to buy them when it’s a sale (if you like puzzle games ofcourse).

Tennis in the Face on Steam
10tons official website
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Castaway Paradise

Castaway Paradise is a casual adventure game by Stolen Couch Games.

The game is clearly inpsired by Animal Crossing and does a very good job competing with it for PC. I have read somewhere that this is a mobile port, but the developers did a very good implementation of Steam works and making it work on PC.


Islander #1
You can do whatever you want on the island. Plant trees, fish and place objects. You can make the island completely to your liking. If you don’t like the position of a tree, just use your shovel and plant it somewhere else.


You can earn money by doing quests. This money can be used to unlock new regions of the island. These region contain new buildings and villagers.

You also need money to repair buildings. These building have special abilities, like a museum to store fish, shells and insects.

Always a friend to talk to
In my livestream I mostly skip through the conversations with the NPC’s, but they chats of the NPC’s are pretty fun. All the NPC’s have their own personality and have quests to fulfill.

To make some cash on the island the player has to fulfill quests from the NPC’s. These are sometimes pretty easy and can be done within a minute. There are quests that require planting some kind of flower/tree that will take some time. There are also quests in which you will be looking for a special kind of bug, fish or trash item. These are the hardest quests, because it requires some luck to get the stuff you need. Overal the quests are fun to do and aren’t that hard.

4 Seasons
The game has alot of items. These items are in special theme packs (which can be downloaded for free). Also with different season, people are able to get different items. When it’s the winter season the entire island will be covered in snow. It’s a nice touch and really does a good job in setting a certain mood.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
Castaway Paradise is a very fun casual game inspired by Animal Crossing. It’s a recommend to everyone who’s just looking for a fun game to spend some time with. The quests aren’t that hard, but do require some patience sometimes.

The NPC’s in the game are fun and not boring to talk to. The theme packs and different season give you all the space to be creative.

Castaway Paradise on Steam
Stolen Couch Games
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PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is a 2d platformer created and developed by Outerminds Inc.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist is a game based on the YouTube persona PewDiePie. PewDiePie found out that the evil barrels captured his fanbase in order to get the Legendary Brofist.

YouTubers Unite!
I honestly have to say I never watched PewDiePie so I don’t know if the game is filled with actually PewDiePie stuff, but the game is pretty hilarious. The characters can be random at time and the option to play as different YouTubers or the girlfriend of PewDiePie is a nice addition.


The story/dialogue can be hilarious at times. The Bromance between PewDiePie and Cryaotic is one of my favorites.

A man’s best friend
The game has alot of stages which are only 3 minutes long on easy. These stages can be played on easy, normal, hard or pug mode. Pug mode is unlockable after completing the game and is a reference to PewDiePie’s 2 dogs which are also in the game. These dogs run after you the entire time (when playing as PewDiePie) and are your “continues”. Everytime you lose all of your lives one dog will sacrifice himself to save you from a horrible death. This does not mean you get all your lives back, but atleast you’re still alive. Talking about a man’s best friend, right?


The stages aren’t always the same thing. Sometimes you’re on top of a car, trying to make your way to the front car, other times you’re just jumping on platforms and trying to take down barrels. These different stages do add some cool diversion to the game and doesn’t make the game boring.

During these stages you collect money. With this money you can upgrade your character (like health) or purchase attacks, which can be used by pressing “1” or “2”. Also when you unlocked a character you can use the money to buy the character so you can play with them.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
I had a very fun time playing the game. The dialogues are funny, some of the moments and characters are completely random and that makes this an awesome game. Even if you don’t like PewDiePie this game is still a very fun and challenging game.

The option to play with other YouTubers or even a duck makes the game fun for people that don’t want to see PewDiePie running in pixel art.


The game has alot of replay value, because all the levels can be completed on 3 different modes and even an harder mode after completing the game.

For €7,99 I would recommend this game and would it recommend it even more when it’s on sale. This game is a YouTube inspired game done right.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist on Steam
Outerminds Inc.
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Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

When browsing through the Steam store I came across a random game that got my attention. The colorful picture caught my eye, but is it really worth the money?

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space is a game in which you jump on platforms to collect food and try to avoid evil objects like UFOs or the evil Tac Nayn (That’s Nyan Cat backwards). The game is developed and published by isTom Games Kft.

Unleash the cat in all of us
There are alot of things to do in Nyan Cat. The Main Menu alone already shows the following options:

  • Play Missions
  • Pat Your Nyangotchi
  • Create Your Own Nyan Cat
  • Play

There are some other options in the Main Menu as well, but those only show the store and the achievements to collect.  When you click on Missions the game will show your currents missions. These are just 3 assignments to complete in the next level you play.

In “Pat Your Nyangotchi” you have to take care of a Nyan Cat. This is a Tamagotchi like system, which can be fun for a few hours/days before you forget to feed him for several years.

Select a game
Almost all games are the same, you jump from one platform to another and hope you will not fall. The only exception is Nyan Wings in which you use spacebar to make speed and try to fly as far as possible.

NyanCat 6-12-2015 09-49-51-478

May the force be with you
What the game does right is the possibility to costumize almost everything. You can change the cat yourself by drawing something new or applying a skin.

All ingame items that I have seen can be bought with ingame currency. There are no microtransactions as far as I know in this game.

NyanCat 6-12-2015 09-50-24-56

Mobile port?
There isn’t really much left to say about this game. The game is a mobile port and can be downloaded in the Google App store for free. So is it worth the money to buy the game on Steam? You can just install the game on PC using a third party program to play Android games, but you have to resist the microtransactions.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
It’s a fun game to play for a few minutes and after that you kinda get bored with it. The game is working good and there are no bugs or any other problems. The developer(s) really did a good job on creating this game, but sadly it’s not a game I would pay money for. Like I said above, the Android version is free, so I wonder why the Steam version costs money.

There is a mute option in the options menu. I used that option after 15 minutes of playing, because the song was starting to get annoying.

I hope to see more from isTom Games Kft. in the future and hopefully that game will have a larger soundtrack than just that one song.
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