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Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is a casual simulation game made and published by Nintendo. Tomodachi Life was some kind of a risk, because this game is a one of a kind nobody would know what people would think of the game and actually like it or not.

In Tomodachi Life you have a Island with all your favorite Miis. You start the game by giving the Island a name and after that you have to import your first Mii.

When you have imported your first Mii the game can begin. The game shows you a simple basic tutorial. The tutorial is easy to follow and there are no hard things to do. The basics of this game is mostly, giving your Mii some food, play with them, giving them gifts (clothes, new rooms, items etc.). Because you only have 1 Mii at the moment, it can get very boring quickly so it’s time to add some more Miis.

TIP: It’s funnier to add in some real life friends and watch them do funny stuff, but celebrities can work as well. Nothing is funnier to see Gordon Ramsay and Michael Jackson dance the Tango.

The game itself isn’t that hard to play. The more Miis you have the more food you have to buy and the more you have to play with them. It’s fun to see the Miis starting to have their own lifes. Making relationships, go out etc. Ofcourse they do need some help from the player, with love advice, giving them things to say when they are angry and ofcourse to give them stuff so people can play together.

For example when you give a Mii a football, they can go to the park and play together with that ball.

Tomodachi Life is a very interesting game. It offers something I haven’t seen in a long time in the gaming market lately and that’s just to have a casual game that is playable from age 3 – 99. Anyone can have fun with this game it’s only up to the player to play the game as he wants.

I really would recommend Tomodachi Life to people that want a casual game to laugh with. It’s fun to import friends and celebrities and watch them mingle. You do need some time to play the game though. When the amount of Miis on the Island grows you spend more time each day to take care of them. My advice would be start with 10 Miis (Like I do in my Tomodachi Life serie). If you still think the game is starting to get boring, just add more Miis.

Because the community of custom Miis is really big, you can add alot of your favorite celebrities into the game. All the way from Albert Einstein to Darth Vader, nothing is impossible in Tomodachi Life.

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