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Budget games 22-7-2015

In my budget tips I talked about buying games used. It will save alot of money.

Today I have received a package in the mail including 2 used games and a used Skylander. It also include free sun glasses from the promotion. This entire package was for less than 3€!

I will be using the games for a new series on my YouTube channel called “Budget Games” in which I play cheap (used or just on sale) games.


Blob From Space Christmas update

Today we updated the Blob From Space game with a Christmas challenge. Are you able to complete this challenge and get the Christmas achievement?

We added a Christmas themed level.
Fixed the sound bug in the menu screen.

If you are able to collect all 3 collectables and get a score equal or greater than 500 you will get the Christmas achievement.

Later this month we will update the game with 3 new story levels and the borat hat.

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