Budget Tips

My goal of 2015 is to use budgets.
2015 didn’t start that good with those budgets, because I bought a Dell XPS 8700 that wasn’t in my budget, but for people that want some budget tips here is how I save some money in 2015.


You don’t need a fancy software program to keep track of your budgets, but I really would recommend You Need A Budget. With You Need A Budget you make a budget for 1 certain goal, like “Food”. When you receive a paycheck you spread the money on these goals. When you order a Pizza or something like that, you add it to your expenses and the program takes the money out of the budget.

You Need A Budget offers a feature to see reports. With these reports you can see what your bigest expenses are and then you can take action to reduce the costs and save more money.

Used games

If you are a console gamer I really would recommend you to buy used games. Just wait a month before buying the new Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed and you can easily save 50%. I myself in The Netherlands order my Wii games at MarioWii.nl.

If there isn’t a store that sell used games you can always consider using a website or app that compare game prices. A dutch example is Budgetgaming.nl. Here you can search different products and the website will show you the lowest price.

PC games

You can easily save on PC games. A good way to save alot of money is wait till the Steam summer or holiday sale. During these sales games can get price cuts of 80-90%.

There are many bundle sites that raise money for charity. These bundles normally contain like 4-5 games direct download of redeemable on Steam. You can get a bundle of games for a cheap price and support charity.
A few good examples of bundle sites are: HumbleBundle, IndieGala, IndieRoyale, DailyIndieGame.

With all these digital stores it’s hard to find the best prices. Luckily for me and you there is a site that keeps track of the prices. Isthereanydeal.com keeps track of all the prices and when a certain game on your wishlist reaches a low price (You can set the price yourself), it will send you an email about the offer. By using this you never miss a great deal of the game you want.

Free games.
Every once in a while some sites (Like Origin) has a free game. Eventhough you’re not planning to play the game I would really recommend to get the game and just let it rest in your library. Maybe it will be usefull later.

There are sites that let you complete offers to get coins and with these coins you can redeem games. The site I use to get free games is TremorGames. You can already earn coins by just logging in each day. You can keep track of my progress by visiting my tremorgames page. When you click on the amount of coins of the left you can see what offers I have completed, when you press on Items in the tabs above you can see what rewards I have claimed.

PC the new console

Instead of buying a new console like Xbox One or Ps4 you can also hook up a PC to your television. By using the budget tips I gave underneath the heading “PC Games”, you can easily save alot of money and still play games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. You can play more games than are available for the new consoles, because PC has a way larger library and doesn’t need to be upgraded every 4,5 or 6 years.

Phone providers that offer free/low cost data

These days there are some phone providers that offer free or low cost data, text messages and minutes to call.

Read my experience with ChatSim here.

By using these “free” providers you will save alot on mobile phone costs. Also remember that’s it not necessary to buy the latest iPhone or Samsung phone!