YouTube Schedule Batch 1

I do have a big library of games which I really want to play and review, sadly because of my limited time I always try to play multiple games at the same time. Now I will be using a schedule of 2 games per time that I will be recording and reviewing. The reviewing part depends on the contact I have had with the publisher/developer. The first 2 games will be:

  • Star Wars Empire At War
  • Shiftlings (Review)

I will post a new game when one of the games above have been reviewed or finished recording.

What Steam means for me

Yesterday I realised Steam is more than just a gaming distribution platform. Atleast for me that is.

First of all I want to say that I’m not a big fan of DRM and that’s why Origin and Uplay aren’t even installed on my PC, but why do I use Steam that often? It’s always nice to have all your games/software in 1 place.

With Steam I have my games, recording software, editing software, my budget software, game making software and even radio. Also Steam provides a great community, so you’re actually never without friends. It’s the only chat program I use daily since the end of MSN messenger.

Steam is also beginning with distributing movies. I wonder how that works out, because it’s streaming only and the prices are very high. The downside of Steam is you do need to be online atleast once in a month or so to make sure you still can play your games/software. But with technology these days I think it’s common to just get a quick internet connection to start offline mode.

Got a Xbox One

Yesterday I received my Xbox One, which means I’m able to record, stream and review Xbox One games. As you can see below the system is busy with downloading and installing some games/updates so it will take some time before I can start playing the games.

The games I got:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • Rare Replay
  • Halo Master Chief Collection

I also have a subscription on EA Access and Xbox Live gold.
There will be enough games to play/record when the downloading is done.


Farming Simulator 2015

Farming Simulator 2015 is a simulator game made by Giants Software and published by Foucs Home Interactive. The goal of Farming Simulator 2015 is very easy. Just take care of a farm.

The game offers a wide range of vehicles and tools to make working on the farm a little easier. The controls of the vehicles are very well done. I was afraid it would be a maze of controls to do something, but they solved it making the R2, L2 buttons a little sub-menu. This results in easy to learn gameplay.


You do need to like simulator games or farming games to have fun with this game. The game is all about farming and that’s the only thing you will be doing for a long time. The goal is to plant, harvest and sell crops which make you money to expand your farming business.


Difference between Ps3 and Ps4
This is one of the last PS3 games released and it starts to show. The Ps3 and Xbox360 version both miss a crutial part of the game. The multiplayer. It would have been fun to play multiplayer with friends to make the game more fun.

And ofcourse does the Ps3 version have worse graphics than the Ps4 version. But that’s reasonable.

Not alone
The lack of multiplayer doesn’t mean you’re all on your own. You can hire AI helpers that will help you take care of the farm for a small amount of money. It’s still not as great as multiplayer, but atleast you don’t have to do anything on your own.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
This score is for the PS3 version only. The game is fun and if you really like simulators, working on a farm or just spend your time in virtual outdoors I could recommend you this game. The game offers alot of gameplay hours. The only comment I have is the lack of multiplayer. Maybe they try to make people buy the Ps4 or Xbox One version, but the lack of multiplayer in this version is really a shame.

Farming Simulator 2015 on Steam
Farming Simulator 2015 official website
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Blob From Space Workshop

We need you!
Blob From Space needs your help and we did our best to make it as easy as possible for you.

If you’re good with making pixelart than we need your help! We need¬† objects, enemies, floors etc.

When you’re done with the creating the images pack them into a .rar file. Also include a .txt with the name you want in the credits.
When in the Main Menu of Blob From Space, click on the “Upload To Steam Workshop” button in the lower right. You will see a new screen. Press the “Select file” button to select the .rar file and press “Upload” to upload your work to Steam Workshop.

What it offers you!
All submissions that are used in the game will get their name in the credits! People that submit alot of original work that will be used in the game also can make some money out of it. I will contact you to discuss this. Don’t expect too much though, because it’s a no-budget project.

Uploading stuff against the terms of use will result in a block from Workshop and Forum.

Blob From Space update 728978

A new small update about Blob From Space. All unachievable achievements have been removed. So all achievements are achievable in this latest build. You still need to play the 2014 version if you want to unlock all the achievements.

The new update added a new level with a new mechanic to the game.¬† This new level also comes with the “Challenge accepted” achievement. The update also added the JosPlays theme to the soundtrack DLC.