Life Is Strange Episode 4: The Dark Room

This review will contain spoilers of this episode! If you didn’t play the episode and don’t want to know how it ends stop reading now.

A new episode from the episodic game Life Is Strange has been released yesterday. In this part Max struggles with the impact on Chloe, because of dramatic change she made.

LifeIsStrange 28-7-2015 18-41-30-449

It ends rather quickly though, after seeing Chloe doing this bad, she decides to go back in time and change it back to normal. After that Max and Chloe start their real investigation. First they gather information from 3 sources and then the puzzling starts.

I was a pain to find the right code to access the Nathan’s phone, because there were alot of numbers to guess. Luckily linking the clues can be done very easily and should be not a challenge at all.

LifeIsStrange 28-7-2015 19-26-30-954

After connecting all the evidence Max and Chloe find the place of the dark room. Here is where Max and Chloe discover the horrible truth about what they think is Nathan’s work. Sadly these clues lead Max and Chloe to the place were they found Rachel’s body. Luckily there also was a clue to the next victim, so Max and Chloe can try to warn the next victim and stop Nathan once and for all.

To do that Chloe and Max went to the “End of the world” party were things went bad really quickly. In my story line the next victim didn’t believe me so I don’t know if I saved her.

LifeIsStrange 28-7-2015 20-01-58-267

We couldn’t find Nathan at the party and received a text from him saying the evidence will be gone soon. When heading to the place were we find Rachel’s body. That’s the place were we left shocked by the game’s plot twist and left us with a big cliffhanger for episode 5.

Episode 4 was a very good episode, eventhough the puzzling could be hard (guessing the numbers etc.) it was nice to see we had to do something different than just rewind time every time. The cliffhanger was really unexpected and I can’t wait till the release of episode 5 which is sadly in a few months.

QP Shooting – Dangerous!!

QP Shooting – Dangerous!! is a TouHou like game. For those who are not familiar with TouHou I will explain what this game is all about.

The goal of the game is the shoot down enemies, while avoiding bullets. These bullets will fill your entire screen, so it can be a very hard game.


The game features 5 stages. You can play the game on 4 difficulties. I only played the easiest one, because I already wasn’t good at that difficulty I didn’t feel like to check the harder ones.

A nice feature the game offers is to save replays. You can use these replays to learn from your mistakes or share them with friends when you finally beat that hard boss, none of your friends were able to defeat.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
The game will become repetitive, but the 4 difficulty levels will keep you entertained for a long amount of time. While I kinda suck at this game (see “Gameplay” below) I still had a fun time playing the game and would recommend it to people who are looking for a TouHou like game. It’s not for everyone, but for people that love the genre this game is really good.

QP Shooting – Dangerous!! on Steam
QP Shooting – Dangerous!! official website
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AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist is a free to play game made and published by Hyper Hippo Games. The game is really simple you sell stuff. In the begin of the game you have to click to make a sale, but the more money you get the more managers you can hire to sell stuff for you.

adventure-capitalist 23-7-2015 16-39-20-213

I’s an addictive game with alot of playability value. When you’re earning alot of money you also will earn angels. You have to restart the game (starting from 0) in order to get a boost from the angels. This boost will make your even more money.

Getting money, even when closed
A nice feature of this game is that the game continues with “harvest” money when you’re not playing the game. So when the games is closed they managers will still help you to make money.

adventure-capitalist 23-7-2015 16-39-15-724

I would recommend to check the game out. It’s free to play (It does have micro-transactions if you want to progress quickly, but it’s not needed) and very addicting. The game continues when you’re not playing and that’s really something that positively surprised me. The advise I want to give you is restart when having 200 angels in the beginning and double the amount of angels after that. Keep buying upgrades and managers!

Budget games 22-7-2015

In my budget tips I talked about buying games used. It will save alot of money.

Today I have received a package in the mail including 2 used games and a used Skylander. It also include free sun glasses from the promotion. This entire package was for less than 3€!

I will be using the games for a new series on my YouTube channel called “Budget Games” in which I play cheap (used or just on sale) games.


Pixel Ripped needs your help!

Pixel Ripped is a virtual reality game in which you play a game. No really, but it isn’t that easy though. You have to be careful, because otherwise the teacher will take your “play girl” away.

The two creators of Pixel Ripped started a kickstarter. With this kickstarter they hopefully can fund the game and release it. The game already got greenlight so there is a very big chance the game will be downloadable via Steam.


I hope I can get my hands on a copy to show you guys some gameplay, but from the trailer, information and screenshots it seems to become a very nice game.


Element4l is a puzzle platform game. In this game you can switch into 4 forms. With these 4 forms you have to reach the end of the levels.

Air and Ice
The 2 forms you will be using the most are air and ice. When in air form you will be a bubble that can fly up when pressing the up button.

When pressing the left button you will change into ice and you will be able to slide over the ground. When touching lava in this form you will become a liquid and you will be able to pass though small holes.

element4l 13-7-2015 10-39-14-308

Fire and Stone
You will change into stone when pressing the down button. This is usefull to gain speed (when falling down) or to make a way through breakable stone.

With the right button you will change into fire. This will give you a boost to the right and when touching lava you will bounce the other way.

By using these 4 forms you have a make a way through all the levels this game has to offer. It can be a bit challenging at time, but with help from the internet I was able to solve the last two levels of this game.

element4l 13-7-2015 10-40-22-554

Time challenge
The game also has a race mode. In this race mode you can challenge the ghosts of friends or yourself. All levels from the story mode can be played in this race mode and some other non-story mode levels.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
This game is alot of fun, but can be frustrating sometimes, because you aren’t able to move to the left. Sometimes I just needed a little dash to the left to solve a very hard puzzle.

The idea of the game is very good and the sliding when in ice form is done very well. The atmosphere of this game including the music is stunning. The graphics are well done and the music fits with the game completely.

I would recommend this game to everyone who is looking for a fun puzzle game and definitely when the game is on sale.

Element4l on Steam