Action! new game recorder

From today I will start using Action!. With Action! I can record and stream directly to and ofcourse take screenshots. With this I can record gameplay footage and people that can’t wait can already see the gameplay directly on the Twitch channel. All livestreams without copyright issues will be uploaded to my YouTube channel afterwards.

Be prepared for new livestreams/videos/reviews coming as soon as possible!

Mad Games Tycoon

Early Access Review

This review was written during the Early Access stage of the game. More functions can be added in the future that won’t be reviewed in this review.

Mad Games Tycoon
Mad Games Tycoon is a game development company simulator. In this game you will start making games in a basement. Here you can make simple games and when you earn enough money making games or doing other task jobs you can move to a bigger office.

The goal of this game is to make a big game development company. You can hire people, develop engines, develop games, publish the games yourself (printing covers and shipping them) and many more stuff. In comparison to other with other game development games this game really is the best one, because of the many options the game has to offer.

My story
I started with making some simple games in the beginning (text based) and did some contract work. Contract work is a way to make some money if making a game is too expensive. Keep in mind you have enough people so the contact work will be done in time. If not you have to pay a fine.

Instead of researching and developing a new engine I thought it was easier to just buy an engine. Each engine has features and the rating you give a game (AAA games as examples) decide how many features you can have in a game. Features can be multiplayer option, split-screen etc. Having a research team is really important even if you don’t want to research an own engine.

After making the first 5 million dollars I moved on to a bigger building. When upgrading make sure all jobs are finished else these will be canceled. This would suck if you spend 4 ingame months working on a game and then it’s back to 0%.

Because it costs to much to publish games myself I always looked for a publisher. When I got enough money I decided to take the risk and ship the games myself.

Weak point of the game
When you finally understand the game it’s really simple. At some moment I kept making games that got a score of 90+. That also means the game will make alot of money. If you keep doing this you will have enough money to do other stuff, like publishing games yourself.

Some awesome features
In this game you can (after buying the licenses) develop a game for several consoles at once. This saves alot of time. Also when a good movie or book has been released you can buy the rights to make a game. This will also give a little boost when selling the game.

My opinion
With keeping the weak point of the game in mind this is a really good game. My new favorite game development tycoon game. The game would be better with Steam workshop and keeping the game hard by removing the weak point as much as possible.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
Like I said before this game is my new favorite game development tycoon game. The game has alot of features to offer in comparison with other game dev tycoon games and because it’s in Early Access I hope the game only will be better.

Mad Games Tycoon on Steam
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JosPlays 2nd game!

Today we will announce out second (Work in progress game)!
The game will be about a telemarketer that finds out his brother got shot, because he thinks the police work is going no where he wants to find the shooter himself.

This game is a Visual Novel and coming to PC (hopefully Steam). At this moment I don’t have any graphics so I can’t show you any pictures, but I am busy with writing the story. At this moment I already have 2 scenes with choises that the user can make.

Title is still work in progress and i’m looking for people that want to do graphics, music and sound effects.
If you’re interested please contact me!

Bloons TD 5

My favorite flash tower defense game came to Steam! The only question is, is it worth the money. This game made me feel like I was 14 years old again, but with up-to-date graphics.

In this review I will have a look at the gameplay of Bloons TD 5 and the replayability. The game doesn’t have a storyline, but it does have alot of levels to play.


BTD5-Win 5-4-2015 09-48-14-369

Every building in this menu screen has it’s own options. 1 of the building can be used to buy agents (which can be used in a game) and the other building let you set some settings.

The pirate chest in the lower right gives you a daily bonus. So keep coming back every day to get more money.


The gameplay of the game is quite simple. In the picture underneath you can see a road in the snow. This is the road the balloons will follow. Your task is to place the monkeys (towers) in the right place so they can pop the balloons.

BTD5-Win 11-4-2015 10-13-52-482

The first wave will start easy with red balloons. These balloons only require 1 dart to be popped. After this wave other balloons will follow with each their own special ability.

A few examples:

  • The blue balloon will have a red balloon inside.
  • The camouflage balloons can only be seen by monkeys (towers) that are able to see camouflage balloons. Most of the time these are just upgraded normal monkeys or snipers.
  • The white and black balloons will have a few pink balloons inside.
  • The white balloon can’t be frozen.
  • These were just a few examples of the many balloons there are.

    During the game you will also encounter the zeppelin. When destroyed it will spawn alot of other balloons (see screenshot below and the video calles “Bloons TD 5 gameplay”.

    BTD5-Win 11-4-2015 10-21-26-405

    My strategy
    No matter what level you’re playing, always save money for the “Super Monkey”.

    BTD5-Win 11-4-2015 10-10-13-384

    This monkey throws alot of darts in a certain amount of time and eventhough it’s expensive, this monkey is worth saving for. Only it’s a shame the super monkey can’t detect camouflage balloons or pop lead balloons. Keeping that in mind you should be able to defeat every level using super monkeys and upgraded snipers.

    JosWeb Score (0/100):
    70 out of 100
    I have spend alot of time playing this game and it’s really fun. If you are a tower defense fan I would really recommend playing this game. With different difficulties and possibilities the game has alot to offer.

    Bloons TD 5 on Steam
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    Do you only use What’sApp or other chat application and you’re tired of paying alot on call minutes you don’t use? Maybe ChatSim is something for you. In this review I will talk about ChatSim, my experience with the simcard.

    My experience
    BlackBerry-Curve-3G-9300-ReviewI used the simcard in combination with my Blackberry Curve 9300. Because the sim comes in all forms (Normal, Micro and Nano) it fit right into my phone.

    After setting up internet (there are a few small steps) it worked right away. The connection here in The Netherlands was fine and What’sApp messages I sent were received within seconds.

    ChatSim (Plus)
    There are 2 versions of ChatSim. There is the ChatSim and the ChatSim Plus. I would recommend everyone going for the Chatsim Plus, unless you live in a country that doesn’t get supported by ChatSim Plus.

    These are the supported countries per version:


    ChatSim Plus

    Like I said above I would recommend ChatSim Plus, because most holiday destinations are supported in this version of ChatSim.

    First make sure you check their recharge system for sending photos. You can find their system explained here.

    I would also make sure you have a dual sim phone. ChatSim can be very usefull when going on vacation, but can be a pain when in your own country. This is ofcourse for sending pictures, calling etc.

    – 10$ yearly for unlimited chat.
    – Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, WeChat, Skype, Viber, LINE, Hangouts, iMessage, QQ and all other Instant Messaging apps are supported.

    – You will get an Estonia number when using WhatsApp. It’s not a big deal, but when giving your number to other people don’t forget to include the country code. Also you will have some explaining to do when you send a message to someone without telling you have a new number.
    – Costs for sending and receiving photos can be high (recharge system).
    – ChatSim has different supported countries than ChatSim Plus

    Do I recommend it?
    If you go to alot of different countries, YES! It’s amazing how a simcard can be used in all these different countries, so you can be connected with the people you love the most.

    If you’re a person that stays in it’s own country I would not recommend it, because of the recharge system. I think it’s cheaper to just pick a subscription with GB data so you can send pictures etc.


    Cook, Serve, Delicious!

    Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a hardcore restaurant sim game. In this game you take control of a restaurant. You decide what goes on the menu, and make it yourself when customers order it.

    Cook, Serve, Delicious!
    Before you start your first day of work you have to buy food which can be placed on your menu. You need atleast 2 items to start your first day. You earn money by serving costumers. If you do this correctly they can leave tips after buying the tip basket.

    CSDSteamBuild 3-4-2015 19-38-45-906

    Before upgrading to a star restaurant you need to complete a few tasks. Like do 20 shifts, get 100$ in tips etc. When you completed all these tasks you will be rewarded with a star restaurant. This upgrade will make sure more customers come to your restaurant.

    CSDSteamBuild 3-4-2015 19-46-13-488

    Besides these daily routines you can also take care of caterings and other opportunities to make more money. This money ofcourse can be used to buy new recipes or make work in the restaurant easier.

    Daily routine
    CSDSteamBuild 3-4-2015 19-32-04-276

    When you open your restaurant costumers come in and order some food/drink. It’s up to you to make sure the costumer’s wishes are heard and give them the food they want.

    CSDSteamBuild 3-4-2015 19-32-11-444

    During this daily routine you also have to do some other tasks besides preparing food. These tasks can be doing dishes, place mousetraps and give a description of the robber that just robbed your restaurant. Ofcourse you can buy stuff like a dishwasher or a camera to help you with these tasks, so you have more time preparing food.

    Prepare yourself for some stress during Rush Hour! During this hours (multiple times per day) alot of orders will come in. If you keep your head cool and make sure you remember the order of costumers ordering you will survive these rush hours.

    CSDSteamBuild 3-4-2015 19-36-18-638

    Steam version is just an Android port?
    After playing this game for a few good hours I can honestly say this doesn’t feel like an Android port. The developers really did their best to make this good PC version with good result. With intergrated Steamworks like achievements and Steam leaderboards this doesn’t even come close being just a port.

    With the Steam leaderboards you can challenge your friends!

    The game can be played with keyboard and mouse (the way I played it), but the game also supports alot of controller support. From the Dualshock 4 all the way through Wii U pro controller, they are all supported.

    Cook, Serve, Delicious! caught my eye because back in the day there were alot of flash games that were about making food (Kinda the way Cook, Serve, Delicious! offers). When playing this game I discovered this game has alot to offer and really is worth the money. I find myself playing this game when I have a spare minutes left eventhough a daily service can take up to 10 minutes of your time.

    JosWeb Score (0/100):
    80 out of 100
    This game has alot to offer. With different modes to keep you entertained this game doesn’t get boring very quickly. For 9,99€ (Current price when writing this review) you make a good investment in a game that can be played for hours. It took me 3 hours to get a 1 star restaurant. Imagine the amount of time you can spend on this game before getting 5 stars.

    Vertigo Gaming Inc.
    Cook, Serve, Delicious! on Steam
    Cook, Serve, Delicious! on Android
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    Banished is a city building strategy game. In this game you build a city starting with a few people.

    4 seasons
    In this game you need to adept to the seasons. When it’s wintertime you can’t go fishing, because the water is frozen and you can’t farm, because crops won’t grow.

    These 4 seasons and the effect they have in this game are really nicely done. It will take some time before you know how to get through the seasons without making any losts.

    Easy for beginners?
    Using the tutorials in the main menu you can get a good base to play the game. Ofcourse you need to experiment more during the game itself on what works better in what season. Once you understand the system it’s not really a challenge anymore and you can build a very large city and make it through a year without any deaths.

    JosWeb Score (0/100):
    70 out of 100
    This game is very challenging in the beginning. The moment you understand the system you will see the game will lose it’s difficulty and the game actually become boring at some point. With keeping this in mind the game does deliver a very good city building game. Make sure everyone has enough food and get’s an education is something you still can spend alot of hours playing this game. Therefore I give this game a 70 out of 100.

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