Audiosurf 2

Audiosurf 2 has left Early Access with style. The creator has redone the entire User-interface and added new features.

Audiosurf2 27-5-2015 15-34-25-235

Ride the music
The idea of Audiosurf 2 is the same as Audiosurf 1. You use music (on your local hard drive or cloud songs) to ride on and collect as many notes as possible. The more notes, the bigger your combo and the more points you will receive.

Audiosurf 2 has alot of modes to play. My favorite being Ninja mode. In Ninja mode you collect the colored notes and try to avoid hitting the grey ones. All the modes on the top row (see picture below) are the relaxing modes. The game gets very interesting with the Puzzle League Modes.

Audiosurf2 27-5-2015 15-39-11-966

Puzzle League Modes are modes in which you need to collect and order colored notes in pairs of 3 or above. You can make it yourself harder by picking a faster song, making choices which notes to pick harder.

Cloud songs
If you don’t have any songs on your computer you can use songs from the cloud. Use soundcloud or the Song of the day function to stream music from the cloud. It would be nicer to also have Spotify as an option, but as a developer I know that the Spotify API can be a problem.

Audiosurf2 27-5-2015 15-40-37-991

The community has a big role in Audiosurf 2. What’s more fun than competing against your friends using your favorite songs.

Besides competing against them, you can also make your own modes and styles. These modes and styles can easily be shared using Steam workshop. Just visit the mode/style you want to download and press the green subscribe button.


JosWeb Score (0/100):
I really like music driven games and it’s even more fun when you can pick the music yourself. The game has alot of modes to play so the game will not get that boring very easily. The different modes also keep the game from getting boring. I have spend over 60 hours in this game and still love to play it whenever I have the chance.

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Brilliant Bob

Brilliant Bob is a 3D action, adventure platformer made by Zonitron Productions and published by GrabTheGames. In this game you will play as Bob. Everything went wrong when the evil Dr. Magazii entered Bob’s world and kidnapped his parents.

The game features over 50 levels set in 2 different worlds. The game has in-game achievements and a few skins for Bob. It would be cool if these in-game achievements could be made into Steam achievements in the future.

BrilliantBob 20-5-2015 09-07-56-511

Most of the time the game plays fine, I can’t deny the game needs some tweaking (like standing on moving platforms). The only thing that grinded my gears in this game was the jump button. Sometimes the spacebar doesn’t respond when trying to make a jump. It wouldn’t be a very big deal, but alot of the time you need to jump to very fastly moving platforms making it impossible. Atleast impossible for me.

BrilliantBob 20-5-2015 09-10-26-214

Besides tweaking in the gameplay, the game can also use some tweaking in the user interface. The menu cuts of a button when displaying on 1280×720 window mode. So overall this game can use a few tweaking updates in the future.

Level designs
The levels are different and contain puzzles to keep you entertained. The levels can contain monsters which you can kill by throwing TNT blocks to them. Throwing does require some skill though. Most of the time I just try to ignore these monsters or let them walking into the TNT blocks. The design of the levels is well done and some levels can be very challenging.

BrilliantBob 20-5-2015 09-12-24-12

JosWeb Score (0/100):
The game is a challenging adventure, platformer, but without some tweaking of the jump button the game can be very frustrating. I do recommend this game to people that are looking for a challenging, puzzle platformer. At moment of writing this the game isn’t available in the Steam store yet, but with a decent price this could be a fun game to play.

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Super Toy Cars

Super Toy Cars is an arcade, combat racing game. The tracks are made of everyday objects and the cars are toylike. Pickup powerups and race yourself to the first place!

It will take some time to get used to the controls of Super Toy Cars. When you finally get used to the controls this game can be really fun.

SuperToyCars 9-5-2015 14-10-59-716

With local Co-op option up to 4 players and online multiplayer up to 8 players this game will have many hours of fun.

SuperToyCars 9-5-2015 14-10-45-153

There are 16 different cars, all with unique handling models. So it will take some time to get used to every car. The variety in tracks are very good. There are 12 different tracks spread over 4 different locations. From just a inside toy track to an outside racing track.

There are a bunch of powerups. A few of the powerups are the magic 8 ball and a rocket (see picture below). While the rockets will lock to 1 driver and follow him, the magic 8 ball will just roll forward destroying all the cars in it’s way.

SuperToyCars 9-5-2015 14-15-00-610

Drifting will fill your boost bar. When the bar is filled you can use it to get a boost. Make sure you hit something else this boost could reset your car.

What grinds my gears
To make this game a fast racing game, the game will reset your car when you don’t make any speed anymore. This is something I don’t really like. When I brake to make a turn and someone drives me into the wall, my car will be reset putting me in different location. That’s something I didn’t like, but didn’t bother me that much.

SuperToyCars 9-5-2015 14-12-15-393

JosWeb Score (0/100):
It’s a cool racing game and with a track editor, offline and online multiplayer this game will be fun for a few hours. The automatic resetting is something I didn’t like in this game. Overall it’s an enjoyable racing game that’s also fun for everyone!

SuperToyCars 9-5-2015 14-16-02-925

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Blob From Space – Please Don’t Stop The Music

Tomorrow we will release the Blob From Space Soundtrack DLC.
Get all tracks from Blob From Space and an exclusive track made by Versano Laroz. The price of the Soundtrack will be 5€ (5$) and is to support the game and ofcourse the indie musicians.

Even if you don’t like the game I know there is a track in the soundtrack you like, because the soundtrack has alot of different tracks so please consider supporting these musicians!


Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad is a tactical RPG game. Five stunt actors decide to start their own Power Rangers inspired TV show. This game is developed and published by Behold Studios. They had a successful Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign. Behold Studios proofed that not all game Kickstarter campaigns end in a disaster.

Starting an own studio
After the tutorial in which you will learn the basics of the game, the five stunt actors quit their job and start their own studio. Luckily they quickly find a empty building and some props to use. One of these props is a purple tank with a text-to-speech brain in it.


You have a small budget to upgrade the studio. A better camera or maybe a microphone. Every upgrade has some special inpact. As example the picture below describes “Health Care Bronze”.


When activated this upgrade will grant 10% extra HP for your actors. You can also spend money on your costumes. During the game enemies will drop items which can be used to craft parts for the costume, so you don’t have to spend money on costume parts if you collect alot of craft items. After spending all of your money it’s time to start making an awesome pilot for your serie!


The first episode is an easy start. Just destroy some enemies. To get the most out of your audience make sure you follow the Director’s Instructions. In the example above these are to perform 3 Team Acrobatics (Using the Teamwork button) and keep all actors above 50% health. These instructions will be different per scene. An episode can have more than one scene at a time.

The enemies in the game will get harder when the serie progresses and if that still isn’t a challenge try a harder difficulty. This game will become very challenging.

Me Flirting Good

Director Instructions
Not all episodes will have bosses, some of the episodes just have goals like survive for 8 turns as shown in the picture below.


The other episodes have bosses and sometimes one of the Director Instructions require a finishing move. To do this try to gather all your actors around the boss and press for four of the five actors the teamwork button. The last actor can use it’s weapon or just a melee attack to activate the finishing move.


Bosses’ Second Life
This serie wouldn’t be a good Power Ranger inspired serie without big robot battles.


Sadly this is a weakpoint of this game. These battles didn’t work in my opinion. The battles were slow, even with 91% chance on succes I still had a miss and that was very frustrating. It was fun to see my big awesome battle robot beat the **** out of some annoying enemies, but these battles were rather boring. During these battles you have 6 buttons you can use. Attack, Defence and 4 special moves (according to your robot parts). When pressing the attack button you will attack, according to a random chance (there is a percentage of chance) this attack will be a succes or a failure. When it’s a failure your turn is over. If it’s a succes your combo increases and you can attack another time.

When using the defend button your robot will gain a little health and the damage of enemy attacks will reduce.

When using a special power the robot will attack with a special move and will do extra damage. A nice move to finish the enemy.

When it’s the enemy’s turn you have to defend. A bar will show up on screen and if you press at the right moment the robot will defend and the attack will do no damage. Press it one second later and it will do some damage. Don’t press at all will result in a big damage.

It’s a wrap!

After completing an episode you will get some feedback. If you did the Director Instructions correctly, fans will be positive and you will earn a couple bucks to invest in your studio and costumes. During my playthrough I never lost fans, but I do think it’s possible if you lose a game.

JosWeb Score (0/100):
This game grabbed my attention when I found it on Kickstarter, did I expect more? Yes, I thought this would be more of create your own series. I was expecting a “The Movies” in combination with this game. Nonetheless this is a very awesome game. I finished the complete game in one weekend and hope Behold Studios will release some extra content in the future.

Besides the (in my opinion) lame robot battles this game has alot to offer. I have spent alot of time customizing my Chroma Squad and the studio.

The only thing that really grinded my gears was a bug during the final episode of the game. The game didn’t continue (I have sent a bug report during the livestream) and had to redo the entire episode again. That was really frustrating, but didn’t spoil the hours of fun I had with this game. Besides this one bug I couldn’t find any other bug during my 8 hour gameplay session.

I would recommend this game to everyone who’s into a RPG strategy game and ofcourse to people that are big fan of the Power Ranger. This game makes me want to watch Mighty Morphing Power Rangers again.

Awesome job Behold Studios!

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